The difference starts when you walk in the door or use our convenient drive-thru.  Our friendly associates will take your items and give you a detailed receipt.  If you are in a hurry, we can give you a “quick ticket” so you can be on your way.


Our team members will thoroughly inspect your items, paying close attention to stains and buttons, as well as any minor repairs.  Each item is electronically tagged with a unique number for your order. 


When it comes to stains, bring them to us!  We do not use a “catch all” detergent method.  Each stain is treated

individually due to it’s uniqueness.  Over the counter stain removal solutions can often do more harm than good.   


After a thorough cleaning and detailed pressing, your order is assembled and inspected once again for quality before it is packaged.


One thing every customer knows is that their items have to be transported.  Our packaging process ensures that whether you are picking it up yourself or using our convenient delivery service, SUMMIT Cleaners will hand over your garments as crisp as they are clean!

. . . and that is the SUMMIT difference.

Welcome to the top!